What i learned by visiting Sri Lanka

What i learned by visiting Sri Lanka?

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Sri Lanka is a fascinating Southeast Asian nation comprised of more than 100 ethnic groups. One thing I’d guarantee you is, even those who are not really into traveling, a trip to Sri Lanka is a real adventure. It’s the best place to make memories, 99% of what you never want to forget. Here are facts you need to be acquainted with of what I learned by visiting Sri Lanka;

Freedom is a gift we should really embrace

By visiting Sri Lanka I learnt that in my country we don’t realize how auspicious we are, we possibly would realize it if it was taken from us. It’s quite unfortunate that Sri Lanka has suffered so much from political instability. This country went through dreadful military dictatorship for nearly fifty years. During this time, this country was more like overlooked by the rest of the world. Being in such a country where you have to watch your back before saying anything made me realize am more than lucky to come from a country where there’s freedom of speech. Since then I’ve learnt to be grateful for this rare gift.

What really matters is how you treat others

One of the many reasons why people want to stick to their home countries, study there, marry, have kids and probably die there is because it’s probably tough out there. Ever visited a country and you can’t help but notice how people are looking at you like they don’t want you there? Well, good news is you don’t have to worry about this in Sri Lanka. The locals here are friendly and they’re honest making you feel comfortable throughout your stay. You obviously have a lot to learn from them and share as well. A parent’s joy is to see their kids enjoy an adventurous trip more than themselves. What I learned by visiting Sri Lanka is that everywhere you go people want to take pictures with your kids which is actually fun. Trust me, you’ll probably cancel your flight back home because Sri Lanka feels like home away from home.

There are many people out there who could use your help

Think of how unfair the world can be, when you’re stressed out because you can’t travel to two different countries this summer, someone is worried of what they’ll eat tomorrow. What I learned by visiting Sri Lanka is that we often think we can’t be of any help but there’s so much to be done. Seeing all those orphanages; made me reflect back to all the stuff I never used back home that could be useful to someone. This can be a good reason why you should visit Sri Lanka and be of assistance in those orphanages, schools and hospitals. You can’t help anyone but you can definitely help someone. For these reasons, I should definitely go back and you should as well come with me.