The best street food I ate in Canada

The best street food I ate in Canada

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There’s no food like street food. Whether your among the skyscrapers of New York City, the pagodas of Kyoto, or by the shoreline of Lake Ontario you can often find a street food vendor selling the best food you’ll ever have. The exceedingly wealthy can have their fancy high-dining restaurants, their 12 course meal of small plates and tiny forks. I rather have something wrapped in newspaper or served in a plastic or styrofoam bowl. Whether it’s from a truck or a stand, street food is best food.

The Best Street Food I Ate In Canada

I know it’s a copout, but there are so many places all over Canada with delicious street food that I couldn’t narrow it down to just one. There were two places in Canada that really stood out. Both are from food trucks, and both pride themselves on food made from high-quality Canadian ingredients. The best part of all, one is on the west side and the other on the east. From coast to coast this is the best street food I ever ate in Canada.

The Kaboom Box in Vancouver

The Kaboom Box uses fresh, sustainable, and locally sourced food to bring you some of the best sandwiches, burgers, salads, and fish and chips in Vancouver. Of special mention is their oyster po’boy featuring panko-breaded fried oysters in a burger bun with tarter sauce and slaw. It’s a great burger, but unfortunately not the best street food I ever ate in Canada.

No, the main star of this attraction is The Veggie “People’s Poutine”. Which is such an incredibly obvious choice that I think everyone reading this saw it coming. Of course I had to choose poutine, it’s practically Canada’s national food. Natural cut fries are sprinkled with cheese curds and topped with delicious mushroom gravy. If you’re even in Vancouver, then this is a must-eat. Poutine was created in Quebec, but it was perfected in Vancouver.

The Duck Truck in Montreal

No disrespect to Quebec is meant with that last line, and to show there’s no hard feelings, I’m going to share another great food experience I had. This time with the Duck Truck. This food truck in Montreal is putting that special French flair you often find in Quebec.

As its name suggests, this food truck specializes in duck. In wraps, in sandwiches, in burgers, you’ll find duck in almost every menu item. The best of the best, however, is their Quack and Cheese. Creamy, homemade cheese macaroni is lovingly topped with a tender and juicy shredded duck confit in BBQ sauce. This is by far the best item on the menu.

So if you’re ever in Montreal, it’s worth the effort to track down this truck.

And there you have it, the best street food I ever ate in Canada. If you’re even in Montreal or Vancouver, seek these places out. You won’t be disappointed.