How much does it cost for an ESTA visa

How much does it cost for an ESTA visa?

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The electronic system for travel authorization is an American system that aims at controlling and deciding who gets into the country. The system is classified under the visa waiver program and is solely for weighing the eligibility criteria of the interested persons without acting as a determining factor for admission into the country. When someone applies for an ESTA, they don’t automatically qualify for entry into the United States. They have to give some personal details and answer several questions that are then used to determine their eligibility.

Although the application can be filled at any time without any deadline restrictions, it’s always advisable to send it as soon as possible in order to avoid any delays in the travel plans, since there can be no entry into the country without an approved one. This applies to those traveling by sea or air since they are the group most likely to get into the country without a visa. Still, in some cases, the ESTA application may e denied due to several reasons like answering a question incorrectly thereby compromising the application or other security reasons, especially those that can lead to a visa denial. In such situation, one can opt to apply for a visa instead unless he/she contacts the relevant authorities and the status is changed.

With an application process that’s not complicated and an affordable cost, getting this visa can be very easy. Even though the cost of an ESTA visa is $14 only, they do have an expiry date after a certain period making it important for candidates to be on the lookout for any such notifications. An applicant also needs to be careful when filling the required forms in order to avoid making mistakes that can lead to disqualification and read all the eligibility requirements to ensure they meet them before starting the process. It’s also better to apply directly on the official website rather than doing it through an intermediary in order to avoid scams that are most likely to charge extra fees.

Using the ESTA to get into the USA doesn’t limit one’s movement within the country or other neighboring places like Mexico. They, however, have to stay for a limited duration of up to 90 days after which they’ll be required to have a visa. Other places with the same privilege are Canada and the Caribbean. This visa provides a very convenient way to travel to America without having to go through the process of getting a travel visa that usually tends to take longer.