Electronic Travel Authorization for Canada - ETA Visa

Electronic Travel Authorization for Canada – ETA Visa

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Many want to visit Canada for various reasons and some even plan to start a new life there. However, it is usually easier to say than to do. Canada has strict requirements that must be followed in order to get the visa. Still, many applications have been declined so far. But, there are different types of visas for Canada and some are easier and faster to get than others.

For example, ETA visa is one of the best solutions. You can apply online, avoiding all unnecessary problems during the application process. You just need to have an email address, credit card and some money on it. In fact, ETA visa is pretty cheap and costs seven Canadian dollars only.

So, you probably ask yourself how long does it take to get a Canada visa application? Fortunately, that is the fastest possible way, and if you have enough luck, you will receive the visa in just a few minutes. In the worst case, it will take several days before you get the answer from the authorities. Sometimes, there are difficulties with the documentation, so they will usually ask for some additional papers and documents.

The whole process has five steps and is totally simple, easy and straightforward. You should read help documents and prepare a passport and a credit card. After that, you will fill out the online form and send the application. Paying the application fees is the third step. It is a confirmation that your application is valid and that you are not a bot who are sending the applications randomly.

Subsequently, you should expect an email, which will be sent to your address. It will usually come very fast, probably after several minutes. But in some cases, there is the fifth step if something of your documentation missing or is not correct. Then, you should send them all additional documents that they ask for. This may take several days maximum, and that is the final limit.

You can do all of this from the comfort of your home, and you will get the respond in the same way. There are no needs to go to embassy or consulate anymore, and that is a real relief. You will save your precious time and money, which can be later spent on something better.

Canada has always followed technological trends and has been ahead of others. The same is with ETA visas. Thanks to the Internet and advanced solutions, people now have a chance to get them in a smart way.