Do I need a visa to go to Sri Lanka

Do I need a visa to go to Sri Lanka?

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Are planning to come and visit Sri Lanka? Some people get stuck to an inquiry “Do I need a visa to go to Sri Lanka?” Today am going to give out an answer!

Visa is a compulsory requirement for anybody to enter Sri Lanka, be it an adult or children. One ought to guarantee its ownership when planning to enter Sri Lanka. Visitors from other nations are encouraged to check current pertinent visa charge or visa e-expenses with Government of Sri Lanka Tourist Offices and to respective embassy offices.

What you need to apply for visa?

For the most part, the general requirements that one must have to get visa for Sri Lanka are:

  1. Original passport valid for no less than six months
  2. The fully paid visa fee
  3. Two late passport-size photographs
  4. Supporting documents, where required such as your identity card
  5. Duly filled and completed application form

Types of Visa

Siri Lanka Government issues different types of visa, applicable for different purposes of travel. Below are some of the different types of visas that you can apply

Tourist Visa:

This visa is issued when you are coming to Sri Lanka with an objective to explore the country.

Business Visa:

For a business related objective, you need to apply for the business visa.

Student Visa:

This visa is issued only for study reason in Sri Lanka.

Transit Visa:

It is implied for transit travelers just, to enable them to pass through Sir Lanka to their desired destination.

Missionary Visa:

This visa is for those who are coming to Sri Lanka missionaries

Employment Visa:

This visa is implied for talented experts, professionals or those who have been selected by the government of Sri Lanka organizations, associations, firms, and so on.

Journalist Visa:

Professional columnists and photographers coming to Sri Lanka ought to apply for the Journalist visa.

Conference Visa:

This visa is issued for those coming for meetings/workshops or business seminars.
Research Visa: This visa is issued by the Government of Sri Lanka for research purposes.

Entry Visa:

It is offered just to people who have roots or the family members of a man employed in Sri Lanka.


Special documents might be required apart from visa to visit some specific areas of site lance. So bear in mind to have the supplement documents before visiting any area in Sri Lanka. It is likewise advisable to keep bank receipts to show that your money has been exchanged legally.plan your journey, get your visa and be free to explore Sri Lanka beyond any limits.