Australian Visa Application Process

Australian Visa Application Process

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Applicants who are eligible for an Australian Visa can easy apply for the visa category that is most suitable to them and then follows this simple and clear guide for the application process.

How do I apply for a visa to Australia?

  • The first step is to choose the visa subclass to lodge the visa application. While choosing the visa subclass, select one that is most suitable for your purpose of travel. Proceed to download the visa application form as well as the checklist. Print the list that corresponds to your request.

Fill in the list fully then sign and submit it together with the application form. If you present a checklist that is not entirely filled is subject to processing delays:

  • The second step is to attach supporting documentation. You can visit the Australian embassy website and acquire a list of all documentation that is required and prepare to submit it on time.
  • The third step is to pay for visa fees which are usually done in the form of a managers cheque that is paid to the “Australian Embassy.” The amount should be in Philippine Peso (PHP)
  • You cannot make an appointment with the Australian Visa Application Centre and prepare to visit the center and submit the fully completed Visa Application form as well as supporting documents. You can submit in person or through a representative via AVAC. You can also send the application via courier.
  • Your supporting documentation will also include a clear photocopy of the data page of an individual’s passport. Read all security regulations before submitting your application. You can then collect the Visa Letter from the Australian Visa Application Centre. Proceed to check your emails daily for the visa letter.
  • Your documentation should also include a proof of service fee payment such as a manager’s cheque. Remember that the Visa Application Centre requires every person to pay a service charge based on whether you are a Primary Applicant – PHP 636 or a Secondary Applicant – PHP 44. Nonetheless, the Submission Officer will help you understand the type of fee that applies to your particular visa subclass.
  • If you wish to be updated through SMS, it is important to include the SMS fee along with the manager’s cheque.
  • A valid application is one that provides all required documentation, is fully completed, signed and all payments are fully made. Note that application forms for children below 18 years should be signed by parents or guardians. If the information is not in English, it should have a certified translation. By providing all relevant information and supporting documentation, your application will be processed without delays.